DragonCon cosplay phase 1(ish)

finally getting going on my DragonCon projects. this weekend and last i made my foundation tunic for the Thalmor robes, worked on the belt buckle, and started working on the blaster for my Star Wars The Old Republic cosplay of Vette.











the undertunic for the Thalmor robes was pretty straightforward, a simple sleeveless tunic that came to a point in front with a mandarin-style collar and some subtle details on the bottom. the only visible part will be the front centermost part. i made up my own pattern and cut it out of some leftover black linen i had on hand.

here is the early stages. i am also displaying the khadjiit ears that will be. very catlike.

unfortunately i cut the neck too wide so the collar took a lot of adjusting to get it to look right-enough to pass the “10 foot rule.” the armholes initially had to have a gore added and then they were huge. adjust and readjust. eventually it looked good enough that if i end up taking off the overrobe in public i wont be embarassed about whats underneath.

i added the subtle design on the bottom with the same wide/tight stitch i used to finish the open seams of my dance bra and was very pleased with the effect. i knew i didnt want to use ribbon or god forbid hand make a ton of trim to sew on. unfortunately in the pictures the chalk lines i used to draw out the pattern show up but you can pretty much see what it looked like.











next i started working on the belt buckle. my plan was to make the basic 3-D shape out of cardboard hot-glued together then cover that with Great Stuff expandable foam, carve it, and paint it. this material and technique is borrowed from professional cosplayer extraordinaire, Kamui (http://www.kamuicosplay.com/).

















in the 3rd picture the belt buckle is the blob in the lower right. the blob on the left will hopefully become one of my blasters for Vette. i had this paint/sealant stuff from a while back that is supposed to make styrofoam nice and smooth so i wanted to try it on the great stuff foam. thus far im not liking it and will probably go forward with the taping and paper mache technique Kamui uses. so much for short cuts.

for the blaster my hope is to end up with something like this

sorry, forgot to take pics of my cardboard build. we shall see how it goes. my carving skills are not very good as you can see from the belt buckle. also i hope to put a couple LEDs in it too but i wonder where does one put the switch and battery on/in something like this.

alongside my efforts, kenneth is experimenting with making his lightsaber hilt in the same way. currently it looks like this

it takes a long time for this foam stuff to harden and then it is very messy to carve. the framework of the cardboard helps cuz freehanding is ridiculous.

thats all for now. next weekend i hope to dye my canvas so i can get started on the overrobes and skirt of the Thalmor set. in the meantime i think we are going to focus on making our props. also considering ordering some Wonderflex to make armor for Kenneth’s sith and maybe a few other things.


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nerd. veterinarian. bellydancer. amateur costumer/knitter/seamstress. made this blog to share the creative processes of making costumes for DragonCon and maybe some bellydance outfits and a few other things.

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